With the increasingly severe issues of global energy security, greenhouse effect, and air pollution, the transformation of the energy system has become a global consensus. The revolution of clean energy, represented by wind power and photovoltaics, replacing traditional fossil fuels, is already underway. In response to the national promotion of high-quality development of new energy in the new era and the national "dual carbon" strategy, as well as to accelerate the development of the new energy vehicle industry and the power battery industry, LIVIC has been invited to participate in the 2023 (8th) China International New Energy Conference and Industry Expo, taking off with great momentum and joining hands to support the development of new energy.

LIVIC PowerSEP®series of automatic magnetic filters are a new generation of products specifically designed for iron removal in the lithium battery industry´s electrode slurry. With patented innovative design, it adopts permanent magnet iron removal technology to efficiently capture fine ferromagnetic particles. The filter operates automatically with PLC control, sealed operation, and no manual cleaning is required. It also integrates a piston-type slurry storage device, resulting in minimal slurry loss and flushing liquid consumption during the cleaning process. PowerSEP® filter is an ideal solution for automated and sealed iron removal in slurry preparation production lines.

LIVIC BladeFlo® Series of scraper self-cleaning filters combine multiple functions of filtration, stirring, and dispersion. The scraper with a spring is pressed vertically against the surface of the filter element, efficiently scraping off surface impurities. The impurities slowly fall into the conical sludge collection chamber at the angle between the scraper and the filter element and are discharged at regular intervals.

LIVIC self-developed high-efficiency self-cleaning filter, EdgeFlo® Series, automatically removes particle impurities from the outer surface of the filter element through mechanical scraping, enabling continuous online filtration. The EdgeFlo® filter is primarily designed for high-precision filtration of lithium battery slurry in the range of 50 to 100 microns, effectively removing more impurities and significantly reducing the number of disposable filter elements downstream.

Exhibition Name: China International New Energy Conference and Industry
Expo Exhibition Dates: May 8th-10th, 2023
Venue:Changsha International Conference Center
LIVIC Booth: D85



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