Filter Systems


The GS series gravity filters are suitable for white water systems with high fiber content. It can handle the sealed water of the vacuum pump, the clear water of the white water recycling system, the water of the washing machine, and the flocs in the white water produced by the pressing section.

The white water is fed into the interlayer between the two containers of the gravity filter through the pipeline, then overflows from the top and is filtered through a fine mesh. The fibers and solids left on the mesh are rinsed to the slag outlet by a continuously rotating spraying system. The filtered clear water is collected in the internal container of the filter and discharged from the bottom outlet, with some being reused for the spray system.

The high efficiency of the GS filter comes from the controlled flow and shearing effect on the filter element surface. The solids are constantly rinsed by the spraying pipe to the center of the filter element and discharged. At the same time, the flow distributor ensures uniformity of the inflow. No manual maintenance is required, and the filter element can be restored to its original high-efficiency state.

The low pressure spraying system and drive device of the gravity filter can be easily installed and maintained from the top, and the GS filter structure is convenient for checking and maintaining the filter element.

Technical Features and Advantadges

•Handle large volumes with high solid content 
•Gravitational effects reducing the need for pump usage 
•Continuously cleaning the media through rotating spray nozzles 
•The rotating spray nozzles are the only moving component 
•Corrosion-resistant fiberglass and stainless steel are available 
•Low electricity usage , Minimal maintenance 
•High efficiency, Maximum output 
•No external water supply is required 
•Energy is saved by reusing warm water from the production process. 

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