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JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filters and Strainers are designed on the base of scanning automatic self-cleaning Filter. When the filter screen can not be regenerated only by back washing with inside suction nozzles, JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filter  adopts the augmented injection back-washing design with a high pressure (H.P. for short) pump to clean the filter screen completely. It is the ideal solution for the challenging service conditions such as high TSS liquid, ultra-fine filtration degree down to 5 μm, sticky debris and particles or low inlet pressure. JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filter can efficiently remove the suspended solids, sediment and plankton from water or water-like liquid. It keeps efficient self-cleaning performance and continuously work with one single filter. Filtration process is not interrupted during back-flushing. Chemical class design of JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filter is also available to meet the requirements such as high temperature, high pressure, explosion-proof, zero leakage, etc. JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filters can meet the most demanding requirements.

Working Principle

The liquid flows into the screen from the filter inlet, gets through the filter screen and flows out from the outlet. The impurity particles are blocked by the filter screen. After the accumulation of more particles, the filtration pressure drop rises to preset value (normally 50 kPa). Then, the control system triggers the cleaning sequences.
Open the back-flushing valve and start the high pressure pump (up to 1.5~2.0 MPa) . The gear motor drives the cleaning shaft to move helically and reciprocatively at the same time. The inside suction nozzles and outside H.P. injection nozzles are mounted on the same shaft and point at the same area. The shaft rotates helically and drives the nozzles to clean the screen. As the back-flushing valve is open, the differential pressure happens at the position of screen where suction nozzles contact ( The differential pressure = outlet pressure - back-flushing outlet pressure). The outside filtrate flows through the screen into the suction nozzles. Also the H.P. pump takes the filtered liquid and injects the clean liquid to reinforce the back-flushing performance. The impurities and particles on the inner surface are flushed off the screen by the high speed reverse flow and the screen filtration capacity is regenerated. After all of the screen area is scanned and cleaned by the suction and injection nozzles, one self-cleaning cycle is completed. During back-flushing, the filtration process is not interrupted and low flowrate fluctuation and outlet pressure decrease happens.

The JetFlow® Automatic Backwash Filter can run in two modes.
1. All-time suction and injection back-flushing. Every self-cleaning cycle, the suction back-flushing and H.P. injection back-flushing work together.
2. Real-time suction and injection back-flushing. The H.P. injection reinforcing back-flushing steps in when the suction back-flushing interval is shorter than preset.


Standard Design Pressure 0.6/1.0MPa (Depend on the Filter Model and Custom-made Requirement)
Mini. Working Pressure 30 kPa (Even Flowing by Gravity)
Flowrate Range 5~1000m³/h(Depends on the filtration degree and ppm)
Applicable Liquid Water: Sea Water, Fresh Water, Other Raw Water
Processs Liquid: Amine, Methanol, Feed Oil, Fuel
Back-flushing Liquid Filtered Clean Water
Filtration Degree 3~300μm
Working Principle Single Filter Continuous Filtration, Automatic Back-flushing
Design Temperature 0-120 ℃ (Standard Type) /0-300℃ (Chemical Class)
Back-flushing Cycle Differential Pressure 50kPa and Time
Differential Pressure Instrument Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter
Inlet and Outlet Size DN50~DN350
Installation Direction Vertical
Inlet and Outlet Standard DIN Flange PN10 / ANSI Flange CLASS150
Housing Wet Part Material CS/304/316L/Duplex SS 2205/GRP
Filter Screen Material 304/316L/904L/2507
Internal Parts Material PTFE、POM、316L/2507
Carbon Steel Anticorrosion Rilsan Coating/ Rubber Lining
Sealing Material NBR/EPDM/VITON
Injection Cleaning Pump Mult-stage Centrifugal H.P. Pump
Back-flushing Valve Pneumatic Butterfly / Ball Valve
Facility Supply 380V AC,0.4-0.6MPa Clean and Dry Compressed Air
Custom-made Design Explosion Proof Design Involving Instruments and the Control System
Designed and Manufactured per ASME / GB150 / PED Pressure Vessel Code
Zero-leakage Shaft Sealing Design for flammable, explosive and toxic chemical fluids

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