Filter Systems

SF Series Basket Filter


SF Series Basket Filtration System consists of a strainer/filter housing and a strainer basket or baskets. The strainer/filter basket is available as perforated, wire mesh or wedge wire. The strainer/filter basket is cleanable and reusable, and can be supplied with a wide range of opening sizes ranging from 50 – 8000 microns. The strainer/filter basket is designed to remove contaminants while also protecting costly equipment down line; pumps, spray nozzles, heat exchangers, valves, etc. A basket strainer helps to minimize production downtime. SF Series Basket Filtration Systems are available in the following configurations -
• SFS Series – Single Basket, Quick Opening Top Cover, suitable for most applications, Flexible inlet and outlet location and layout
• SFF Series – Single Basket, flanged top cover with ‘bolted’ connection, suitable for higher pressure applications
• SFZ Series – Single Basket design with the inlet and outlet ports on the same plane allowing for quick and easy installation and removable of the strainer basket
• SFM Series – Multi-basket design, quick Opening Top Cover, suitable for high flow rate applications, compact, provides a large filter area, easy to install and remove filter baskets, flexible inlet and outlet locations
• SFV Series – Multi-basket design, flanged top cover with ‘bolted’ connection, suitable for higher pressure applications


Optional Filter Basket DuraSEP filter basket, PerSEP filter basket
Filtartion Degree 50~8000µm
Filtration Area 0.05-33m²
NO. of Basket 1~24
Housing Material  304/361L/CS
Viscosity 1~30000cp
Design Pressure 0.6/1.0mPa

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