Filter Systems

CF Series Cartridge Filter


CF Series Cartridge Filtration System consists of a strainer/filter housing and a filter cartridge or filter cartridges. Ideal for ultrafine filtration and removing micron, sub-micron particles and bacteria from the process stream. Filter Cartridges are efficient and can trap a large amount of micro contaminants. LIVIC has helped develop these high performance filter cartridges. CF Series Cartridge Filtration Systems are available in the below listed configurations –
• CFK Series – Economical, clamp type lid, easy to open, ideal for low flow rates and low-pressure applications.
• CFQ Series – Flanged cover, quick opening design (with lifting assist davit for housing larger than 300 mm), for demanding applications.
• CFV Series – Flanged bolted cover • CFM Series – Flanged cover with swing bolts, ideal for high flow rates, high contaminant process stream, horizontal and vertical installation design, compact, and easy filter cartridge change out.
• CFS Series – Sanitary design, easy assembly and disassembly for complete cleaning, wetted surfaced polished to Ra 0.8 or better. Ideal for the food and beverage industries.


Optional Filter Cartridge MaxSEP/PolySEP/PesSEP/PtSEP/MeshSEP/FiberSEP/PorSEP/V-SEP/FineSEP/MicroSEP
Filtration Degree 0.05~200µm
Filter Cartridge Length 10",20",30",40",60"
NO. of Filter Cartridge 1~200
Housing Material  304/361L/CS
Viscosity 1~500cp
Design Pressure 0.6/1.0mPa

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