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AF Series Bernoulli Self-cleaning Filter


AF series Bernoulli self-cleaning Filter is designed for continuous filtration of water on pressurized systems. AF Filter removes debris and particles from waters such as sea water, river water and the circulating cooling water. AF filter works in BERNOULLI principle, which leads to the simple and highly reliable filtering operation.

Simple and reliable structure with only two moving parts (clean disc and flushing valve), non-contact cleaning, no particle extrusion out of the filter screen, efficient filtration, low and consistant pressure drop (even < 11KPa) both when clean and dirty, very low working pressure requirement down to 30KPa, wide flow rate range from 30 t0 8000 m3/ h through single filter, with filtration degree ranging from 150 from 2000μm, no filtration interruption when self-cleaning, easy installation in horizontal or vertical position.

Working Principle

The filter screen of Bernoulli Self-cleaning Filter is cleaned by the cleaning disc mounted on the pneumatic cylinder rod.

When the cleaning action triggered, the disc moves into the filter screen and water passes through the gap between the disc and the filter screen. Flow velocity increases around the disc and the static pressure around the disc decreases because of the Bernoulli principle. Around the disc edge, the vacuum effect of lower static pressure makes the filtrate back-flush the filter screen inner surface.

Technical Features and Advantadges

AF Series Bernoulli Filter mainly uses the slot screen, which can be easily back-flushed clean and rarely get clogged. The slot screen has the uniform and precise slots and very long service life. The filtration degree ranges from 150μm to 2000μm. 304, 316L, duplex 2205, super duplex 2507 are available for screen material. The 304 is ecomonic and suitable for the normal fresh water. the 316L is for the normal anti-corrosion request against the sea water. The duplex 2205 and super duplex 2507 the ideal screen materials for the long service life in sea water. The perforated screens are also available for the coarse filtration larger than 1000 μm if specially requested.


Sub-series AFP/AFE/AFM/AFK
Control System base on Siemenz controller
Control Mode differentila pressure and time mode
D.P. Instrument differential pressure transmitter
Filter Screen Material 304/316L/2205/2507
Housing Wet Part Material  CS/304/316L/2205 Duplex SS/GRP
Flushing Valve Pneumatic/Electric Butterfly Valve
Power Supply 110V/220V/380V/440V AC
Largest Rmovable Particle 8mm
Housing Seal Material NBR
Compressed Air Supply 0.6mPa, clean and dry
Working Pressure 30kPa/0.3Bar
Filtration Degree 150~2000μm
Design Pressure 0.6/1.0/1.6/2.5 mPa
Design Temperature 80℃
FLowrate 30-6500m³/h
Cleaning Pressure Drop 11-16KPa
Inlet and Outlet Size DN65~DN80
Piston Rod Material 316L
Piston Rod Seal Material PU


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