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UFT series automatic self-cleaning filter ( UFT filter for short ) is particularly designed for the filtration of viscous liquid such as latex, emulsion, resin, viscose, honey, oil, etc. UFT filter can also remove the viscous particles from the water-like liquid. Due to the necessarity of manual cleaning after after filtering viscous liquid for a period, UFT filter is designed to be the filter that can be opened easily and changed with the clean filter screen quickly.

Working Principle

Filtering Status
Liquid flows into the filter from the inlet and passes the filter screen from inside to outside. The particles are blocked inside the filter screen. The differential pressure transmitter monitors the pressure drop.

Back-flushing Status
When the pressure drop reaching the preset D.P. value, the control system starts the back-flushing sequence, opens the back-flushing valve and starts the gear motor at the same time. After opening the back-flushing valve, the filtrate in the opposite of the suction nozzle back-flushes the screen due to the differential pressure between the filter outlet and back-flushing outlet.During back-flushing, no flow interruption happens.

The gear motor rotates and drives the screw. The screw is coupled to the back-flushing header. During each back-flushing, the screw moves from one limit switch to another limit switch. The screw rotation and reciprocating movement drive the suction nozzle to scan all the filter screen area. After the filter screen is completely scanned and back-flushed, the back-flushing valve is closed and gear motor stops.

Technical Features and Advantadges

High Performance Filter Screen
The filter screen is laminated with three layers from inside to outside, drilled hole screen, filtration mesh, reinforcing mesh. The drilled hole screen segments the entire mesh into thousands of small round mesh discs. UFT filter has three kinds of high performance metal filter media to meet different filtration demands.

QL Series Square Woven Mesh
100-300μm, very easy to backwash, long service life, high strength, accurate aperture

TL Series Woven Mesh
5-90μm, very easy to backwash, high flowrate, long service life, high porosity, accurate aperture, high strength

AS Series Micropore Screen
40-200μm, accurate tapered micropore, high opening rate, single layer structure, extremely easy to back-wash

Efficient and Uniform Screen Cleaning Perfomance
The suction nozzles scan and back-flush the screen. Only a very small piece of filter area is being back-flushed during cleaning. So the screen can be completely cleaned by the high velocity reverse flow and 100% surface area can be efficiently and uniformly cleaned. The outlet pressure fluctuation is very low during back-flushing.

No Bypass Back-flushing
The spring-loaded suction nozzle tightly contacts the drilled hole screen. The screen area covered by suction nozzle is divided into back-flushed area and isolated area. There is no gap between the isolated area and the suction nozzle, which eliminates the bypass flow when back-flushing and greatly improves the back-flushing intensity. It it very help to clean the screen completely.

Minimum Waste Liquid Purging
The debris and particles are blocked inside the holes and enter into the suction nozzle after passing a very short distance between the nozzle and drilled hole screen. The purged waste liquid can be minimized because of this kind of sealed back-flushing. The UFT filter can be used for the valuable liquid such as polymer, resin, adhesive, latex, viscose, etc.

Lowest Feed Flowrate Requirement
UFT filter is the automatic back-flushing filter requiring the lowest feed flowrate because of the scanning back-flushing with no bypass. It greatly simplifies the automatic filtration process system design. The small batch production now can use the simple self-cleaning filter back-flushed with internal filtrate.

Easy for Manual Maintenance
UFT filter is designed to be the easiest automatic back-flushing filter for viscous liquid. It is almost as convenient as the bag filter operation. Open the quick-open filter cover, lift the cover with the lifting device, pull out the back-flushing header and then pull out the filter screen. It only requires one operator to complete the maintenace working. If the filter requires manual screen cleaning after running for period in some service conditions, UFT filter's easy maintenance design saves a lot of operation time and labor cost.


UFT Models UFT50/UFT90/UFT140/UFT200/UFT380/UFT560
Standard Design Pressure 1.0/1.6/2.5mPa
Mini. Working Pressure 0.3mPa (depend on the viscosity and filtration degree)
Flowrate Range 50~3000m³/h
Applicable Liquid Viscous Liquid
Back-flushing Liquid Filtered Clean Water
Filtration Degree 50~300μm
Working Principle Single Filter Continuous Filtration, Automatic Back-flushing
Design Temperature 0-120℃
Back-flushing Cycle Differential Pressure and Time
Differential Pressure Instrument Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter
Inlet and Outlet Standard ANSI Flange CLASS150/DIN Flange PN10/ Sanitary Coupling
Housing Wet Part Material CS/304/316L
Filter Screen Material 304/316L
Sealing Material NBR/EPDM/VITON/Silastic
Back-flushing Valve Pneumatic Ball Valve/ Butterfly Valve
Facility Supply 380V AC,0.4-0.6mPa Clean and Dry Compressed Air
Custom-made Design Explosion Proof Design Involve Instruments and Control System


Additional Information

Smart Filter Control System
The basic version is based on Siemens LOGO! controller. The control system integrated the differential pressure (D.P. for short) mode and time mode. The D.P. indicates impurity accumulation and screen clogging. When it reaches the preset D.P. value under D.P. mode, the cleaning sequences are triggered. If the D.P. mode fails, the time mode still works as the final safety protection. The preset time shall be close to the average cycle under the D.P. mode.

The advanced version of control system based on the Siemens S7-200 PLC can be configured into DCS and support Profibus-DP or Modbus communication protocal. The specified ex-proof class design is available including all instruments and control panel.

Differential Pressure Transmitter
The new generation monocrystal silica intelligent differential pressure transmitter. It is highly sensitive and reliable. Long-term stability, 0.1% F.S./Year. It outputs the real time differential pressure, accurately monitors the filtration status and trigers the self-cleaning in time. It can work stably and reliably more than 10 years.

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