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XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter


XF series automatic back-flushing filter ( XF Filter for short) is the new generation self-cleaning filter system developed by LIVIC. The filter has a number of slotted filter elements inside. When the filter elements are clogged after working for a period, the back-flushing rotation arm cleans the elements one by one and regenerates the filtration capability. XF filter can automatically and continuously work online with no flow interruption.

Different from the common weave screen type self-cleaning filters, XF series automatic back-flushing filter adopts the rigid V-SLOT slotted stainless steel filter element with a V-shape opening which is easy to be cleaned. It has the unique advantage when filtering dirty water containing oily sludge, soft and viscous particles, high content impurities and few fibers. The filtration degree ranges from 50 to 2000 µm. Large filter area and high flowrate per unit. 2”~40” inlet and outlet nozzle size available. The flowrate of the largest XF filter model XF1700 is up to 10560m³/h.

Working Principle

[Filter Status] The liquid flows inside from the filter inlet. Part of the liquid flows through the central distribution tube. The liquid enters filter elements from the upper and lower ends at the same time. Through the internal surface of filter element, the liquid goes out from the filter outlet. Contaminants are intercepted by the elements and the filter cake slowly accumulates, which leads to gradual pressure drop increase and flux decrease.

[Back-flushing Status] When the pressure drop or time reaches the preset value, the self-cleaning sequence will be triggered. The gear motor drives the back-flushing rotation arm to aim at the filter element.The upper end of the filter element is covered by the sliding block and the lower end is coupled to the back-flushing nozzle.And then the back-flushing valve opens and connects the filter element and back-flushing pipe. The differential pressure between the element’s outside and back-flushing outlet makes the filtrate reversely flush the filter element inner surface. The filter cake is dislodged and purged through the sewage pipe. After back-flushing, the valve closes. And the back-flushing arm cleans the next filter element. After all filter elements have been cleaned, the back-flushing sequence is completed. That is how the impulse back-flushing works. For filtration larger than 200 µm, the back-flushing arm continuously rotates and cleans the filter elements.

[Impulse Back-flushing Function] For fine filtration ranging 50~175 μm, XF Filter is enhanced with the impulse back-flushing function. The control system controls the gear motor to rotate the back-flushing arm by the pisitioner, aims at one filter element or one group, quickly opens and closes the back-flushing valve and completes the backflushing. And then clean the remaining filter elements one by one or group by group. This impulse back-flushing function delivers high flushing intensity and less water purging and performs better in service conditions such as fine filtration and sticky contaminant. It requires quick valveaction and usually adopts the pneumatic back-flushing valve.


Applicable Liquid Raw water, cooling water, process water and low viscous liquid(<40cps), TSS<300ppm
Min. Working DP Differential  pressure between the outlet and back-flushing outlet  >0.15mPa
Filtration Rating 50-2000µm
Standard Design Pressure 0.7MPa/1.0MPa, higher pressure rating available
Housing Standard Factory Standard/ASME/PED/GB150
Fluid Working Temperature 0-95°C
Flowrate Range 17-10560m³/h
Self-cleaning DP 50-70kPa
Control System Based on SIEMENS controller, parallel control mode of D.P. and time
Gear Motor 180W/370W, 3 phases, 380V, IP55, CCWU
Inlet and Outlet Size 2”-24”/DN50-DN1000
Connection Standard Flange,HG20592-2009(DIN compatible) / HG20615-2009(ANSI B16.5 compatible )
Filter Element V-SLOT Slotted SS filter element, SS 304 / 316L, duplex SS 2205 / 2507
Wet Part Material 304/316L/CS, special material available( such as duplex SS 2205 / 2507)
Inner Corrosion Protection Expoxy paint, PA11 or rubber Lining for sea water resistance
Housing Sealing Material NBR /EPDM/ VITON
Back-Flushing Valve Wafer butterfly valve / full-port ball valve
Valve Actuator Pneumatic or electric, IP65
Facility Supply 0.4-0.6mPa clean and dry air, 380V AC


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