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TF Series Automatic Candle Filter System


TF Series Automatic Candle Filter System (TF Filter for short) integrates tubular filter elements inside. After the filter cake is built to certain thickness and the differential pressure reaches the preset value after filtration, the remaining liquid in the filter is discharged and then the gas is introduced to back-blow the filter cake off the filter candle, then filter candles are cleaned for the next filtration loop. TF Filter features wide application, close operation, multi-function, large filter area, high dirt holding capacity, easy filter cake back-blowing and automatic running. TF filter has 5 functions: direct filtration, precoat filtration, slurry concentration, filter cake recovery and filter cake washing. It can adapt to difficult service conditions such as high impurity content, viscous liquid, extreme high filtration ratings, high temperature and so on. Usually TF filter system runs continuously with two filters (one operation and another standby) and has PLC control system which can automatically carry out precoating, filtering, discharging, cleaning and other procedures. Several TF Filter units can be integrated as a large filter system.

LIVIC has developed 5 kinds of filter elements with high performance to meet various filtration requirements. Based on the different filter elements, TF filter is divided into 4 sub-series accordingly. TFC series, filter cloth type, TFV series, V-slot metal filter cartridge type, TFM series ,sintered ss candle type, TFE series, UHMWPE porous candle type. TFC series, supporting pipe wrapped with cloth in quincunx structure, during filtering, filtering cloth wrapped closely against the supporting tube external surface which can increase the filtration area and benefit for filter cake forming, reduce material waste.

Working Principle

 Filtering Status
Back-blowing Status


Sub-series TFC Series, TFV Series, TFM Series, TFE Series
 Filtration Degree 0.2-100μm, depending on the filter element and design
Standard Design Pressure 0.6MPa/1.0MPa/1.6MPa/2.0MPa, higher pressure can be customized
Filter Element V-slot slotted, metal-powder-sintered, woven cloth, metal-mesh-sintered, polymer membrane
Max. Design Temperature 0-300℃
Flowrate Range 10-300m³/h
Filtration Area 0.9㎡-60㎡, larger size can be customized
Housing Diameter φ250-φ2500
Back-blowing Valve 0.2MPa-0.3MPa
Control System PLC
Inlet and Outlet Size 2"-24"
Housing Wet Part Material 304/316L/CS, other material can be customized, such as 904L and duplex stainless steel
Inside Surface Anticorrosion  Vulcanized Rubber
Housing Sealing Material NBR/VITON/Wound Gasket
Filter Cake Discharging Valve Soft Sealing or Hard Sealing Butterfly Vavle
Optional Automatic Instruments Differential Pressure Transmitter, Filter Cake Thickness Detector, Liquid Level Switch, Flowrate Transmitter

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