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LIVIC team will respond to your request within 12 hours.Request with the technical details will have the priority.(*) required filelds.

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China Network
A Shanghai Headquater / Manufacture Base B Chongming District, Shanghai / Manufacture Base
C Beijing Branch D Guangzhou Branch
E Chengdu Branch F Xi´an Branch
Global Network
1 Busan, Korea 2 Jakarta, Indonesia
3 Mumbai, India 4 Bangkok, Thailand
5 Zwijndrecht, Belgium 6 Norway
7 Kaunas, Lithuania 8 Barcelona, Spain
9 New Jersey, USA 10 Toronto, Canada
11 Antalya, Turkey 12 Dubai, UAE
13 Durban, South Africa 14 Melbourne, Australia
LIVIC global network responds to your request quickly and offers the local filtation support.

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